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Reed Diffuser – Comforting




Fragranced with 100% Natural Essential Oils


A lovely soothing and comforting aroma, to lift your spirits when you are feeling low.

It contains a blend of six essential oil including:

Bergamot – A lovely fresh citrus aroma that has uplifting qualities and helps to promote a positive outlook.

Lavender – A fresh, floral, herbaceous scent that eases depression, headaches, insomnia, stress and shock.

Vetivert – Has a deep smoky, earthy, woody odour that helps with depression, insomnia and nervous tension.

Contains 25ml essential oils per 100ml product. Lasts for up to 8 weeks.

All of our reed diffusers are made using a base oil made from a renewable soya plant source. The reeds are made with natural rattan and contain no plastic. The glass bottle and the box are both recyclable.

Size: 100ml